Like the klutz I am, I stepped off a curb and sprained my ankle this week while on a walk with my pup. Not at CrossFit or anything cool, and not even because I was trying to be adventurous and use the curb as a balance beam to practice my gymnastic skills. I was literally just standing in the park looking at a sign and slipped off a curb that I didn’t even realize existed. So lame. As a result, I’m laid up at home and haven’t had the ability to run to the grocery store in days. So when dinner time rolled around I took to the freezer to see what I might could conjure up. Conveniently, I found some frozen shrimp on which I had yet to formulate a plan.

This is seriously so quick and painless. Unlike a sprained ankle…

bacon wrapped shrimp

what you need:

  • frying pan
  • jumbo shrimp (thawed and shells removed. you can keep the tails on if you want but i opted to remove)
  • bacon (this is #whole30 compliant if you use a sugar free bacon. I must admit, most of the time, I do not, hence, no #whole30 tag)
  • quantity wise, you want double the amount of shrimp per piece of bacon. So if you only have one person to feed, maybe 8-10 shrimp and 4-5 piece of bacon. For more people, make more. One piece of bacon makes 2 shrimp.

what you do:

If your shrimp are frozen, defrost by running under cold water. It only takes a couple minutes.

Then peel, run under cold water and set aside.

Prepare your bacon by removing them from a package and cutting them in half (hamburger style).

Turn your frying pan on over medium-high heat.

Now you’re ready to assemble.

Wrap one (half) piece of bacon around your shrimp and add it to the pan, bacon seam side down. Repeat until you’ve used all your bacon and shrimp.

Cook for 2-3 minutes on each side or until bacon is crispy and shrimps are cooked through. Conveniently, shrimp cooks really quickly so as soon as your bacon is done, your shrimp should be good to go!

Transfer to a paper towel lined plate for half a second then you’re ready to serve!

suggested sides: